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“I often notice in conversations that the basics are not in place for everyone. That’s why today we are refreshing everything from the bottom up. We start with a simple synth and turn it into something generative.

00:00:00 intro
00:00:45 how to open the grid / initial patch
00:02:19 how to play the grid as an instrument
00:02:50 what are pre-chords?
00:03:57 disable pitch pre-chord and modify the incoming pitch signal
00:05:21 using the pitch quantize module to stay in key
00:09:34 ADSR Envelope module and how it works
00:14:24 gate signal pre-chord & modifying gate signals
00:16:04 generating gate signals inside the grid / gates module
00:17:38 generating pitch signals inside the grid / pitches module
00:22:08 using the transpose module to change notes randomly
00:24:04 phase pre chord / phase in module
00:24:27 altering the phase for rhythms / bend module
00:24:53 the phase signal
00:25:36 modulating the bend module
00:26:37 wrapping up

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"Hi, I'm Polarity and do music at home in my small bedroom studio. I record regularly sessions and publish them here."

"We develop Bitwig Studio, the next generation of music software."

"Kommunikation ist die Illusion, daß sie stattgefunden hat."


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