BITWIG | DAW Tutorial – Polynom Distortion

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“I mean, what else do you want? Unique distortion and sound shaping effects is something everyone needs. Create your own devices and shape your sound with Bitwigs modular approach to devices!”

"Hi, I'm Polarity and do music at home in my small bedroom studio. I record regularly sessions and publish them here."

"Kommunikation ist die Illusion, daß sie stattgefunden hat."

BITWIG | LiveStreams – 2021 – Bitwig 4.1 Beta - Neue Note FX-Geräte
Polarity testet Bitwig Studio 4.1 und Note FX-Geräte - Bend, Dribble, Humanize, Note Repeats, Quantize, Randomize, Ricochet
BITWIG | DAW Tutorial - Plugin - zynaptiq ⇌ Pitchmap
Tonale Percussions, Midi Input, Eurorack + Pitchmap, Hardware Synth + Pitchmap uvm.
BITWIG | DAW Tutorial - Bitwig Funktionen
Audio als Modulationsquelle, MIDI CC, Modulationen & Modulatoren, Clip Launcher, Retrigger, ADSR, Grid & Midi allgemein
BITWIG | DAW Tutorial - M/S Stereo - Mid/Side Stereo
Stereo - M/S Processing & bestimmte Techniken in Bitwig
BITWIG | DAW Tutorial – Saturator
Saturator - Infos über das Sättigungs-Plugin innerhalb von Bitwig - Drive, Saturation, Waveshaper, Harmonics